Project portfolio now ready to use, and Email notification

Project portfolio now ready to use, and Email notification

Project Portfolio

After more than a month of testing and optimizing, my project portfolio is now fully available. This means, you can now get an overview of what I’ve done (mostly while studying „Medieninformatik“) and what I’m currently doing, as well as read all the details about each of those projects.
In addition to what was online before, the usability and performance is now optimized, and the undocumented projects were removed from the filtered view, so you don’t end up in pages telling you „No content yet“. They will be re-added when I’ve had time to document them. And then there are even more projects to add, so it won’t get boring in the foreseable future.

Email notification

This site features an RSS feed, but since not everybody likes RSS, you can now also subscribe to this blog by Email. Rest assured that I’m not going to sell your addresses to spammers or anyone else. (I’m expecting no more than 1 new subscriber per month, so there’d be no big deal for me anyway).
After entering you email, you will get a confirmation mail, and after visiting the link, you’ll have the chance to adjust your notification settings, e.g. to be notified about some categories only.

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