Random Malware Site – comes randomly, goes randomly

Random Malware Site – comes randomly, goes randomly

To reduce the risk of sending you to a malware site, I did not hyper-link the URLs which seemed unsafe to me. Thus, you can click any hyper-link in this blog post.
I just set out to read something about complexity. I used the google search box in Firefox to look for „law complexity simplicity“. The first result led me to http://lawsofsimplicity.com/ – which is supposed to be the companion website to a famous book (that I once started reading but did not really like that much). After several redirects, one of which was http://click-go.net/search.php?q=law+complexity+simplicity
I ended up with a rather pretty made fake Windows Explorer, performing a virus scan, and warning me about an infected system. It automatically started downloading a setup.exe and somehow noticed each attempt to cancel that download. Many other popups appeared, some of which looked pretty realistic, and none of which were blocked by Firefox 3.5. It was hard to get out of it, because every killed message triggered two other ones. Whatever this site had to tell me about simplicity, my experience was anything but simple! Maybe I was right to dislike the book…
Luckily I’m on a Linux system and don’t get fooled that easy by some would-be-internet-explorer. Anyway, since I have wine on my computer, I’m not even save from windows malware on my Linux any more (if you don’t believe, click it). To help fighting such crap, I decided to report that site at http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/report_badware/ – so I started filling out the form, and before submitting it, I decided to double check my findings. And on the second try (and the third and fourth and fifth…) the first site just loaded normally, no redirect at all, and even the click-go site seemed rather OK.
Now I’m wondering which of those is true:

  • I’m just too dumb to surf the web
  • A trustworthy site such as lawsofsimplicity.com actively supports malware
  • lawsofsimplicity.com just got hacked
  • The hackers are smart enough to trigger their stuff just once in a while to make it harder to detect and report
  • Or maybe there is something wrong with my local machine or the connection with the internet

If you’re feeling like willing to take a risk, you might try the URLs above for yourself and tell me if you experienced any weird stuff. If you do:

  • Consider filing a report to google (or other well known places to report malware)
  • Don’t blame me if that f***ed up your computer. I’ve warned you!


I just had a look at my browser history. I found out some of the URLs that I got redirected to, but it still seems incomplete. I’d rather not post those URLs in directly here, because I fear that my blog might be blacklisted as well, but if you are interested, you can download a text file that contains all those suspicious URLs.

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