I'm currently out of order…

I'm currently out of order…

…and so is my blog.
(I know that „out of order“ applies to technical stuff, an normally one would say „I’m currently too busy“. But depending on how busy you are, there isn’t a clear distinction anyway)
It might seem as if my blog was dead even before it started living. But rest assured, this is just a temporal break. Currently, my studies and other affairs are so demanding, that blogging just doesn’t fit in. It was even hard to find a moment to post this post, which just emphasizes its message. But as I think that having time for blogging is a crucial right of any human being, I’m constantly trying to change my life in a way that will give me that time back (and time for other things, of course).
There are so many things to say, mostly unwritten but well thought about, so that in the not-so-distant future, when I’ll have the necessary time, there’s no risk of running out of ideas. To make the waiting worthwhile, I’ll present a (not even complete) List of topics that I want to cover soon:

  • What does it take to be an inventor?
  • Tin-openers as a model for software tools
  • When the food is smiling at you
  • Is portability a means to an end, or an end in itself?
  • Is OpenStreetMaps an every-day-alternative to e.g. Google Maps?
  • How everybody can contribute to OpenStreetMap without even leaving his home.
  • Make simple things simple, or: the theory of computational complexity applied to human beings (for both computer-related and real-world tasks)
  • How it feels to fail at the most simple tasks
  • The problem of fuzzy groups in social interaction and web administration
  • The pros and cons of tuition fees (Studiengebühren)

I can’t guarantee that each topic will be covered, or that I will manage to do this any time soon, but if some of this sounds interesting to you, you should consider coming back or subscribing to my RSS feed.
PS: One note on the choice of language: This will be an english blog. But if I have something of interest only to a limited, german-only audience, I fall back to using german. If you’re an english speaker, you probably don’t miss anything.

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