Me, my websites and blogging

Me, my websites and blogging

My first website
Since I had an Internet connection, I also had a homepage. Because PHP and other dynamic web languages were not part of the free hosting services at this time, I wrote my own offline homepage generator, or what would be called a „content management system“ nowadays. It’s „offline“ because it ran locally on my PC, generated an number of html-files, and left it up to me to upload them over my 33 kbit/s line.
As you can see on the picture, I had a well planned site structure for the site, which regrettably has never been filled with content. For me, the work flow was not „Oh, today I might want to fill in some of the gaps on my website… like… err… this one: Musik“. Rather, I had some thought and just needed a platform to express it.

A post-based website

Because of this, I added a post system to hpd2, which allowed me to put a new post on the home page that would push the older posts into an archive. It turned out that my early posts either belonged into the „private“ category, or into „programming“, so I implemented a simple category system. Sadly, the most „recent“ picture of that website is about 10 years old and just before I built the post system.
Some time late, I remember it to be around Christmas, one of my PCs ran into serious hardware problems, which made me personally unhappy, at the same time hindering me to fulfill my programming visions regarding Open GL. I could still update my website and share my sorrow with the world , but should this go into „private“ or „programming“? This was the first time I felt the need for something better than just categories. And so I went ahead an invented what would late be known as „tags“.

A break

Some months later, I finally realized that no one is interested in reading about my life, both privately and programatically, so I eventually stopped updateing that site. After maybe a year without updated it had undergone the automatic garbage collection of the web host and was lost until today, when I found an old offline copy on one of my hard drives.

What’s a blog?

In the retrospective, it’s pretty clear that my website was a blog, but at that time, I did neither know the word „blog“ nor the concept behind it – it was kind of my invention, even though I was not the first to invent it. That’s typically me: Being on the bleeding edge when it comes to my own creativity, but lagging years behind in noticing what’s happening around me.
One of my websitesSome years later, blogs became so popular that even I heard of them. My first thought was: „Who would be interested to read that stuff?“, and only after that the resemblance of „blogs“ and my first website came to my mind. So I thought about blogging as a collective abberation, with myself as one of the first to have gone through it. I came to my senses and stopped it, and so would they.

Consequently, my next website was planned from the beginning without a blog. Anyway, it was at least as ugly as the ones before and suffered other fundamental problems which made me abandon it rather soon.

A comeback

Well, time has proven that blogs are not that brain dead, and now that I have familiarized myself with reading blogs (as you can see on the right sight in my blog roll), it seems to be the right time to come back to that good old habbit of writing a blog.
So what can you expect from it? It’s definitely going to be kind of nerdy, as I’m definitely a nerd. Whenever possible, I’ll be trying to write in a way that lets the non-nerds understand me, so that after some time of constant consumption of my thoughts, they might eventually also become nerds 😉 Other than that, don’t expect anything, ok?

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  1. I know it’s kind of pathetic to comment on my own blog… but since hpd2 had no commenting feature (how could it have had one – it’s an offline CMS!), it’s the first time I’m able to feel that pleasure.
    Follow my example, write some comments!

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